We hope to attract plenty of volunteers to join us in the garden of Clifton Hill House, our first project. We need your help to support the skilled craftspeople undertaking this work.

The project is in its early stages so far, but we can foresee a variety of opportunities for volunteers, ranging from horticulture and landscaping, to administration and working to promote our project in the media and local community.

Eventually, there may be opportunities to work with stonemasons and restoration experts as we renovate the historic outbuildings. Initially, though, the project will focus on the horticultural aspects of the garden design. Those interested in archaeology, or local history, could enjoy finding domestic artefacts unearthed when we begin to dig!

Once the Clifton Hill House Garden Project has been completed, we hope to continue our restoration work in a number of other historic gardens managed by the University of Bristol.

We welcome volunteers with different levels of experience, who will be guided by our team to work on a wide variety of tasks. If you do have experience of working within either a restoration or horticultural environment, we would be especially keen to hear from you, but the only essential requirement is an interest in the project.